• WannaCry Ransomware Attack

WannaCry Ransomware Attack

30 May 2017

The world was shocked with a sudden cyberattack with virus called “WannaCry” on 12 May, affecting computers in 150 countries, including those with advance cybersecurity such as US, Britain, Russia, China, Germany, and France. The main target of this attack is hospital and business. It caused crisis in National Health Service hospitals and facilities around England, and disrupted some vital sectors in Spain, attacking the large telecom company Telefonica, the natural gas company Gas Natural, and the electrical company Iberdrola. This has shown us how vulnerable our digital defence is.

Due to this attack, business was crippled. Cyene, a cyber risk modeling firm, estimated the potential lost of the outbreak of WannaCry reaches $4 million, while others predicted it hit to hundreds millions. To some businesses, this could be half price of their company’s value. As being rational, that It is predicted such cyberattack will occur frequently and more severe in short future.

To know more about the attack and how to prevent it, kindly read the attachment.