• Transformation of HR Reporting / Dashboard to HR Intelligence

Transformation of HR Reporting / Dashboard to HR Intelligence

11 September 2019

Most often the top leaders of an organisation do not care about the data or statistical reports presented by HR leaders. For them, there is one element missing from the report and the dashboard, namely what is called "Intelligence". The data visualised attractively is quite useful but it is not quite "smart". Based on the reporting and the dashboard, problems can be identified, but it is insufficient to help top leaders in making effective strategic decisions.

Many companies use very expensive software. I know many organisations that use such application and software. However, they use the software exclusively to make reports on: payroll reports; list of individual performance ratings; list of departments; training records; directory of employees and so on.

It's fine – However they haven’t used what is called "HR Intelligence". Your top leaders need more than just a report. They need "insight" and "foresight" on the data that is displayed, which based on that insight, predictions can be made for effective real action in a strategic decision. On the other hand, you have paid much money for something that is not too difficult. According to the top leader, by only using an obsolete technology, a good HR can do that, and it doesn't cost a lot.


Written by Heru Wiryanto - BDO Senior Technical Adviser

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