• Second Stimulus for Anticipation of Coronavirus Impact

Second Stimulus for Anticipation of Coronavirus Impact

24 March 2020

According to the Secretary of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Susiwijono, the government will provide 4 new policies which are referred to as the second stimulus for the anticipation of Coronavirus impact in order to maintain smoothness of goods supply chain.

  1. First, the government will simplify regulation on limitation or business administration related to export. However, formulation related to such matter is still under discussion.
  2. Second, the government will reduce prohibition of limitation on import, especially for raw material import.
  3. Third, the government will provide acceleration of import process for 500 reputable importer companies.
  4. Fourth, the government will reduce logistic costs dan make logistic processes efficient by way of encouraging the national logistic ecosystem, which in the first stage will integrate the Indonesia National Single Window system.