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  • Role of Employee Value Proposition to creating Employer Brand

Role of Employee Value Proposition to creating Employer Brand

09 September 2020

Introduction to Employer Branding

Employer branding refers to how people perceive you as an organization. People here can be defined as employees within the company – who are partners, as well as people outside the company – which is the company's talent pool. Building employer branding cannot be separated from employee value proposition (EVP) 1, because later on it will be the basis of your brand. By having an employer brand, your company will get benefits, including:

  1. Staff Retention & Sense of Belonging

With the EVP, you will have a value system that can be a “glue” for everyone. Then you communicate that EVP to all people in your organization as company employer brand. Those who share your value system will survive and are not will go away on their own. From that way, you will find people who are willing to work together to carry these values, no matter what the conditions of the organization are. With the similarity of the value system between the company and its employees, it will make employees an important part of what happens in the company. This condition will increase the employees' sense of belonging to the company. Employees feel they belong to the organization, strive for the organization, and stay for the organization. Several studies have stated that a sense of belonging is positively related to the profit of a business organization.

  1. Attraction of a right talent & Reduction of cost hire

When you communicate EVP to people outside your organization, constantly, sustainably and attractively you will have an employer brand. Once people outside the organization see your organization as worthy place for work through the process of evaluating the similarity of the self-value system with your organization, they will automatically put effort to join. With this system, you will have a “magnet” for the talent out there. You don't have to “sweat” to find the best talent, they will come naturally. There will be a reduction of job advertisement cost then. However, you have to remember one thing, the quality of the talent who come is a representation of your EVP, so improve your EVP if you want to improve the quality of the talent. The best talents are not only the smartest and hardest workers, they must fit your organizational culture, your organization's value system.

Can you imagine you have the best talent in your pipeline, you have the opportunity to choose the best of the best. Some of them may already have certain skills, certain work attitudes, and certain achievements. With this way, you can save time, money and energy training them.

  1. Creating unique identity : organization differentiation

Having an employer brand means you already have an EVP - the unique thing that makes your organization different. People outside your organization (talent pool or partners), can easily identify your organization, the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. They will easily find out what makes your organization different from other similar organizations. This unique identity is what will make you get place specifically for the market (either the talent pool market or your partners).