• New System in Healthcare Social Security (e-DABU)

New System in Healthcare Social Security (e-DABU)

27 March 2018

Electronic data of business entities or e-DABU is a tool to facilitate the process of added or less mutations of participants and reconciliation of participant data and dues of business entities.

The system works to access data of workers and family members who become a member of Healthcare Social Security in certain periods that have been established and can directly make corrections to the data before migrated into the master file of Healthcare Social Security.

The information in regards to the new system in Healthcare Social Security (e-DABU):

Terms and Conditions for the Company:

  1. User Portal Registration of Business Entity/Other Legal Entity BPJS Health must have legal authority to registering a business entity / other legal entity and performing binding legal obligations of any liability whatever may be the result of the use of this Portal.
  2. Fill out and provide data completely and correctly and can be accounted for;
  3. Fill out the date that BPJS Health Officer can contact to confirm, visit, schedule notification socialization of JKN-KIS program, and submission of Registration Form of Business Entity/Other Legal Entity;
  4. Agreed to repeat the registration process if it has not made the participant registration process and the first contribution payment up to 90 (ninety) calendar days since registration on this portal; and
  5. Accepting that the filled information is made in fact, if the filling information is not correct then the Applicant willing to be sanctioned in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


Effective date:

April 1, 2018


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