• Investment Activity Report Submission Reminder

Investment Activity Report Submission Reminder

05 September 2017

Investment Activity Report

Investment Activity Report (LKPM) is a periodical report that outlines the progress of a company’s investment activities, its employment activities, and any challenges faced in their investment progress. Every investment activity shall be documented in the LKPM report and be submitted to the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM).

Submission Requirement

Every company that is still in the development stages has the obligation to file the LKPM Report every 3 (three) months. Companies that have obtained their Business Licenses can enjoy reduced reporting requirements by filing the LKPM report every 6 (six) months.

Other Requirements

  • If the company operates in more than 1 (one) province / city, it must submit the LKPM report for every project location.
  • If the company operates in more than 1 (one) business activities, there is a requirement to make a summary details of investment activity for each type of activity within the LKPM report.

Consequences of Non-submission

The sanctions imposed on Companies that do not comply usually varies from administrative sanctions to cancellation of principle licenses and/or all of their related licences (if applicable).