• HRIS - The Source of Truth

HRIS - The Source of Truth

09 July 2019

For HR Professionals, the existence of a HRIS (Human Resources Information System) is the source of truth for an organisation or company. It is very important that the data regarding employees contained in them are accurate and of good quality. Without special attention, the employee position data, worker Data and data that become the basis for Reporting will become outdate automatically because they have never been updated.

As long as an organisation develops or is still in HRIS's lifetime (around 7 years), then the data of personnel or employees becomes dirty and out of sync. This makes the basic tasks of HR functions such as reporting, HR management ratios and approvals for sending leave, absence and other HR transactional processes a difficult process, especially when the data will be used as the basis for the decision making process.

It is conceivable if a pilot must fly a plane with a high error rate of flight data, or a doctor has to make decisions with incomplete and inaccurate medical record data. Surely the result will be fatal. If the top leader is a pilot of a company who will make decisions based on dirty and inaccurate HRIS data, how big is the probability that the company will survive?

Therefore, do data cleaning and data updates on your HRIS regularly. Perform periodic data audits to ensure good and accurate quality. Dirty data cannot be used for proper Predictive Analytics or Big Data. In fact, Big Data becomes Big Noise, because it is big and large but the quality is bad and inaccurate, so it cannot be relied on to make decisions. We cannot make decisions based solely on rumours, hoaxes and intuition. It's time to implement Evidence based HR by reducing and leaving "Gut feeling based HR". The world of medicine has started using evidence-based medicine, evidence-based psychiatry and so on.


Written by Heru Wiryanto - BDO Senior Technical Advisor

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