• Growth of Hacker in the World of Human Resource Management

Growth of Hacker in the World of Human Resource Management

23 July 2019

Since Mark Zuckerberg proposed the concept of "Hacker Way", currently hacking is no longer perceived as a negative connotation. Hacking is "Creating something quickly", "Testing the limitations found" and "Finding smart shortcuts to make the system faster, easier and more efficient".

The hackers are never satisfied and consider their work never finished. They have the capacity to always question what they have done and look for better, faster, and more efficient ways. This is not a necessity for them, but they do it because they are always challenged to restart and create something that is better, faster, cleaner, more capable and more efficient.

Hacking in HR Management is a combination of Lean Start-up (implementing HR functions to help companies learn and adapt to change faster and more flexible than their competitors), Growth Hacking (in the context of HR means supporting development and improvement programs sales through the knowledge they have about Economic Behaviour & Neuro) and what we call Trendability (the capacity of a company/organisation to find, sort and adopt trends that are relevant for a growth process) through the use of objective and measurable methodologies aimed at finding products or services that focus on customer satisfaction and focus on creating good employee experiences.

The hacking process in HR involves two things simultaneously namely: data (Economic Behaviour), people (Neuroscience) and Financial Size (Metrics) that will help organisations grow through 2 channels: cost reduction and business development. Raison D'etre or "reason of existence".

HR Hackers are not only about savings or "Cost Cutting". However, the main goal is to encourage the growth of the company through the empowerment of people who work there.

There are things that must be prepared to become a reliable HR hacker. First, start learning Neuroscience and Behavioural Economy. It will accelerate the capacity to change, learn faster and be more creative. Second, start transforming the function from "Business Contributor/Partner" to "Business Creator" so that HR professionals become more "sales oriented". HR professionals are able to predict the business trends that occur and innovate on them, enabling them to create new business opportunities. Last, utilise competitive and “fun Gamification" elements in transforming the HR management operations model.

Written by Heru Wiryanto - BDO Senior Technical Advisor

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