• Building HR Dashboard That Will Wow the C-Suite, with Power BI

Building HR Dashboard That Will Wow the C-Suite, with Power BI

20 March 2019

Data is only valuable when it tells a story; Data is most valuable when it’s actionable.

The latest and modern HR and analytics application comes in. It helps companies’ aggregate and present employee data in a meaningful way. In turn, that lets your business make data driven decisions.

HR dashboards are useful for analyse performance and identifying areas for improvement in an organization. They’re not only important to HR managers, but for C-level executives as well. Decision makers ensure that company strategy is aligned from executive, to managerial, to individual goals. Executives and HR leaders must work together to identify the data they need in order to take action. Then you can collect and monitor that data to keep workforce performance aligned with organizational objectives.

A good HR dashboard will provide a concise and intuitive display of clear key performance indicators.

Automated data management and focus on analysis and decision-making is no longer a dream, it is real. And if it hasn’t reached your company already, it should! Whether you are a Human Resources Director or Manager, you’re not supposed to spend your time managing Excel files

Remember, a dashboard is a means to an end. Monitoring data alone won’t revolutionize a company; results come from taking action. If your HR dashboard isn’t driving informed decisions and strategies, then modify it until it does. Continual advantage comes from continual improvement.

Written by Heru Wiryanto - BDO Senior Technical Advisor

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