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11 September 2019

Most often the top leaders of an organisation do not care about the data or statistical reports presented by HR leaders. For them, there is one element missing from the report and the dashboard, namely what is called "Intelligence". The data visualised attractively is quite useful but it is not...

30 July 2019

Currently, data is available in two forms: structured and unstructured. Structured data refers to data that comes in predefined fields or formats, for example employee records in a company database or HRIS. Today, analytics using structured data has become commonplace because many statistical and...

23 July 2019

Since Mark Zuckerberg proposed the concept of "Hacker Way", currently hacking is no longer perceived as a negative connotation. Hacking is "Creating something quickly", "Testing the limitations found" and "Finding smart shortcuts to make the system faster, easier and more efficient".

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