• Working With Different People

Working With Different People

From: 08 August 2017
To: 22 August 2017
BD Room, Prudential Tower 16th floor
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta
Jakarta  12910
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Reini Hastuti
  • Summary

Working in an office environment (or any type of workplace) means having to deal with all different kinds of people, and sometimes getting along with all of them can be a bit of a challenge. If we cannot handle it properly, team’s productivity will decline, so it cannot meet the target.

By some approaches, this workshop will identify four major personalities and understand the strategies how to deal with different types of people.

1. Understanding different personalities and how to deal with.
(Using Assessment)

Everyone is unique and has different characteristics. If we understand them, we can know how to adjust ourself when interacting with
particular person.

2. Identify your character, competences, strengths, weaknesses, and values using LEGO  SERIOUS PLAY  tools.

LEGO  SERIOUS PLAY  method will make you understand yourself better, so you can know how to perform well when working with other persons.  



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