• Viable Vision™ "Setting and Achieving Your Highly Ambitious Strategy"

Viable Vision™ "Setting and Achieving Your Highly Ambitious Strategy"

Date: 22 January 2019
Hotel Ayana Midplaza
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.10-11
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Coming up with an ambitious strategy that can be executed effectively has proved to be hard very hard.

Research shows that over 75% of strategies and strategic improvement initiatives worldwide fail to deliver the anticipated gains in performance: think of your various corporate strategies, IT systems implementations, reengineering or restructuring initiatives; how many of these have delivered or exceeded initial expectations? The esteemed magazine, Harvard Business Review, even had an entire issue dealing with Failure!  We, at Goldratt Research Labs know that this doesn’t have to be the case.


What if there was a way of ensuring that the success / failure ratio could be reversed or better?

What if this could also raise performance and profitability levels to a much higher levels while also reducing initiative overload and stress?

At Goldratt Research Labs we are pleased to be able to say that it is not only possible but possible without having to undertake major upheavals using a method pioneered by Dr Eli Goldratt and refined by our CEO, Dr Alan Barnard.


At its core, the method involves asking two simple, but very important questions.

Q1: How much better can we do?

Q2: What is the simplest, fastest, cheapest & lowest risk way to do this?

This allows you to answer the ‘why’ and ‘what’ to change questions. Using Theory of Constraints as the focusing method and tried and tested tools we then help you determine ‘how’ to change. We, together with our many clients, have found that this approach although seemingly simple is devastatingly effective. In only two days we can guide your management team through the steps required to develop and plan strategies to move your organization to levels it didn’t believe possible.


Workshop Agenda

How much better can you do? At the end of this workshop you will understand that achieving a Highly Ambitious Strategy is not only possible but in many cases easier than traditional methods. You will discover that it is possible to deliver large improvements but also how to determine the fastest, simplest, lowest risk way of achieving this.


    - Why is strategy, change & improvement so hard?

    - Introduction to the Theory of Constraints (TOC)

    - The problem with commonly used rules & Assumptions

    - Viable Vision Analysis & Questions

    - Strategy & Tactics

    - The Role of Technology

    - “Proving” the strategy with the “Enterprise Digital Twin”

    - Planning & Executing the Highly Ambitious Strategy

    - Case Studies and Examples



    - Understand why most strategies and improvement initiatives are so hard to achieve

    - Learn a simple, but extremely effective, method to create, execute & realize very ambitious improvements

    - Understand how to navigate the maze & hype of new technology

    - Be able to design effective strategy execution programs using the Strategy & Tactics Tree and Harmony  Change Maker

    - Understand the power and value of using an ‘Enterprise Digital Twin’.


Speakers: Chris Sims

Chris Sims is CEO of GRL Applied Insight Asia, and is one of the leading pioneers, along with his colleagues in Goldratt Research Labs in the world on helping organizations understand how much better they can do and the simplest, fastest and lowest risk way of doing this based on his expertise in Theory of Constraints (TOC) and unlocking real value from technology.Chris has worked with leading companies around the world such as SAP, PWC, Cargill, Diageo, and many others as an expert in achieving dramatic bottom-line improvement and value from IT investments

Educated in London and Cambridge (UK) he has worked all over the globe delivering his knowledge, insights and skills towards many types of organizations, both large and small, public and private.  He is now proud and privileged to be responsible for bringing Goldratt Research Labs profound knowledge and insights to the Asia-Pacific region through GRL Applied Insights Asia.



Date: January 22, 2019*

Time: 09.00 - 17.00 WIB (registration 08.30)

* If the number of participant is less than 10, the training will be held at BDO meeting room (Prudential Tower fl. 16/17)

Venue: Hotel Ayana MidPlaza



Normal Price: Rp6.000.000

Early Bird: Rp5.000.000 (before January 15, 2019)

Company Group: Rp4.000.000 (For 3 persons or more)


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