• Mastering Basic Financial Model using Microsoft Excel

Mastering Basic Financial Model using Microsoft Excel

Date: 19 December 2017
Hotel Ayana, MidPlaza
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 10-11, Jakarta
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  • Summary

This class will teach the participants on how to build financial models in Microsoft Excel. The session has been designed in such a way that the participants can learn to build financial models with only a little knowledge of accounting and finance.

What differentiates this training class is the approach used in facilitating the financial modeling. The training is organized around case studies, which provide a supporting platform for the participant’s learning.

“This is not an Excel class, but a corporate finance class with the emphasis on the building a Financial Model using Microsoft Excel blended with concepts.”

The participant will be worked through as to how to make models be more user-friendly and structured, by showing the original and the finished model, by adding and/or learning about:

  • The example of a poorly designed spreadsheet, and how to improve it in a significant way
  • Data validation to control inputs;
  • Adding controlsfrom Developer using Combo boxes and buttons;
  • Conditional formatting to illustrate changes in data
  • Use of functions and types of functions;
  • Dynamic graphs to plot individual lines
  • Data tables for sensitivity analysis
  • Using index-scenario for sensitivity analysis
  • Understanding Net Present Value (NPV and XNPV functions)
  • How to build a basic integrated corporate model
  • Using cash flow waterfall analysis and cash flow plug to balance the balance sheet in a quick way
  • Corporate model with depreciation
  • Incorporating minimum cash balance
  • Modeling working capital
  • EBITDA and Cash Flow Available for Debt Service (CFADS)
  • Building a quick graph from the model


Note: Participants should bring the laptop with minimum Microsoft Excel 2007. No slides will be shared, and the participants will each build the model together with the class trainer.

For information and registration, please contact:

Reini: 0812-8760-8686 ([email protected])

Niken: 0818-895-522 ([email protected])