From: 30 January 2019
To: 01 February 2019
Prudential Tower 17th Floor
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav.79
Jakarta  12910
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There is an established strong market demand for suitably skilled data scientists and data science skills are increasingly being sought across the sectors, particularly by the finance and accounting industries, online retailers, Government, Telecommunication, etc.

Learn Data Science with R from the ground up in an in-depth course for beginners, academics, and professionals. We cover statistical analysis and machine learning. We show you how to make elegant, informative data visualizations for data both big and small. We introduce you to some of R's most efficient libraries for data analysis and tools to write transparent, reproducible reports.


The aim of this workshop is enable you to thoughtfully and actively use R. We will communicate both the basics of the R language, as well as cutting-edge packages for wrangling, analyzing, and communicating statistical data.

Essentials: Get to know the R language and R Studio. Load your data into R and do basic calculations and manipulations.

Data Preparation and Statistics Model: Descriptive and inferential statistics. Bayesian statistics. Machine learning and statistical prediction.

Data Visualization and Reporting: Publication-ready visualizations for small and big data. Interactive websites with Shiny and Power BI.

Productivity: Speed up your code. Write and share reproducible code using R Markdown and GitHub.



• Each session is 2 hours

• 20 - 40 min introduction

• 80 - 100 min hands-on practical


Class Size

Maximum 20 participant/class



•Course materials e-book


•R-Bootcamp Community,

•Fast-track your projects by tapping into the knowledge of your peers, help you succeed and offer the support you can’t find anywhere else. Swap stories, experiences, and ideas. Solve problems together and find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each and every day.


Who Should Attend?

•Fundamental 3 Day R- Bootcamp is designed for anyone wanting to start their career in Data Science, or looking to learn how to apply the powerful techniques of Data Science to their current business challenges


What do participants need to do to prepare for Boot Camp?

•Each participant needs to bring his / her own laptop with min specification:

•Minimum 8 GB memory

•Core i5

•SSD 256/128


30, 31 January & 1 February 2019


09.00 – 17.00 (Registration 08.30)


Prudential Tower 17th Floor

 Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav.79 Jakarta 12910



Heru Wiryanto,

Psychometrician, HR Data Scientist, AI Technology Advisor

BDO in Indonesia

Human Resources Technology Consultant with the specificity of the field; Building Institutional Transformation through the implementation of the value of healthy and high-performing organizations, HR and Predictive People analytics to develop the Data Mining in HR, Computer Adaptive Testing and gamification and concept of Positive-based Measurement. For 25 years to pursue his life experiences are supported by interest in the high field measurement objective in the management of human resources to encourage graduates of the Faculty of Psychology, University of Padjadjaran, and the Graduate School of Psychology and Computer Science from, University of Indonesia is to innovate and to adopt the concepts and methods in the business world such as the adoption Structural Equation Modelling, Rasch Model and Item Response Theory, Bayesian Statistics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, People Analytics and Predictive Analytics so was born the concepts such as: Leadership Model Integrated, Model Organization Healthy and High Performance, Model Thinking Computing, Model Policy Evaluation tested objectively by supporting data is empirical, Brainwave Assessment, Customer Churn Predictive Analytics, Talent Pool Predictive Analytics.

Given current mandate a resource to assist Government institutions and private companies such as:  Telkom Indonesia, PLN, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, Ministry Public Housing, KPK, Paragon Technology,  etc.

Aswin Januarsyaf,

Experimental Psychologist, Psychotechnology Advisor

BDO in Indonesia

With twenty years of management experience in several industries, offer a valuable grouping of cross-functional skills. Well known experiences in marketing, operation, administration and financial areas delivered wide perspectives of solutions that transformed corporate goals into profitable reality, built effective HR and operations systems, and managed rapid and sustained business growth. Manage Human Resources as a value-add. Quickly assessed situations, rapidly crafting solutions, building teams, organizing actions, and creating profit and/or efficiency with each project’s conclusion.

Faisal Wirakusuma,

Data Scientist at BDO in Indonesia

He started his career with Bea Cukai Indonesia as Java Enterprise Developer for 4 years experience, then 2 years as Lead Application Developer and System analyst. For the past years in Bea Cukai, he broad experience in the data analyst position before he continued his study in MSc- Advanced Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence Pathway at The University of Manchester, United Kingdom with.

Currently he is a technology and data scientist with unique skills and competence in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning topics. He spent a lot of time analysist data, data mining, and data building models using R and Phyton .

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3 Day Workshop

Fundamental R-Bootcamp for Data Science : Understanding Data Science with R



• Bank Account: Permata Bank

• Account Name: PT. BDO Insan Dinamis Indonesia

• Account Number: 701642023

• Bank Address: Prudential Tower



• Please fill out the registration form with complete details.

• We will provide invoice by request.


1. Full payment is due within 7 days from date of invoice.

2. Due to payment process for more than 7 days please provide with the Guarantee Letter.

3. A confirmation letter and invoice will be sent to you on receipt of your reservation.

4. The participant can be replaced by others if she/he  unable to attend,

5. Cancellation:

5.1. 5 days before the event will be charged IDR 500K

5.2. 2 days before the event will be charged 50% of the total payment.

5.3. Cancellation letter must be sent before event to [email protected] or [email protected]

5.4. Cancellation on the day event due to any reasons will not acceptable and will be charge 100% of total payment.

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