• Ensuring High ROI from IT Investment

Ensuring High ROI from IT Investment

Date: 23 January 2019
Hotel Ayana Midplaza
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.10-11
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  • Summary


We all know the story. The latest technology is hyped and we are told will bring enormous amounts of value to your organization. The technology looks and sounds good, there are success stories…. and yet the reality is almost always much less than expected

  • It generally takes more time and effort than expected
  • The software somehow does not meet expectations
  • Value Realized is minimal or non-existent.

The GRL ProvIT Approach to IT Value Realization

Based on the revolutionary method developed by Dr Eli Goldratt, the discoverer of the ‘Theory of Constraints’ the approach creates the value case by answering 3 very simple questions.  Remarkably, simply answering these questions allows you to develop a business case that will show an ROI of at least x3 or x4 within a very short period of time – typically less than 1 year after the implementation.

Workshop Agenda


How much better can you do?  At the end of this workshop you will understand that achieving a Highly Ambitious Strategy is not only possible but in many cases easier than traditional methods.  You will discover that it is possible to deliver large improvements but also how to determine the fastest, simplest, lowest risk way of achieving this.


  • The Problem with traditional Business Cases & GRL research
  • Simplified Method of Financial cases
  • Where value is lost before and during an implementation
  • Product Selection Issues
  • The ‘Necessary but not Sufficient’ Approach & Questions
  • Limitations and ‘New Rules’ Definition and examples
  • Defining the Value of Removing a Limitation
  • Defining the ‘new rules’ that must be followed
  • Typical Mistakes in Planning
  • Typical Mistakes in Execution
  • Change Management & Education Issues
  • Strategy, tactics & Implementation
  • Creating the implementation plan
  • The value of simulation in effectively implementing the new rules
  • Case Studies & Examples


  • Understand why so few organizations obtain real value from IT
  • Understand why most business cases do not work
  • Understand the key principals in crafting a business case with a Highly Ambitious Target
  • Understand the factors that must change during the implementation to achieve it.
  • Understand typical planning and implementation mistakes
  • Be able to design effective, value-driven programs using the Strategy & Tactics Tree and Harmony Change Maker
  • Understand the power and value of using an ‘Enterprise Digital Twin’ to drive your value realization efforts

Speaker: Chris Sims

Chris Sims is CEO of GRL Applied Insight Asia, and is one of the leading pioneers, along with his colleagues in Goldratt Research Labs in the world on helping organizations understand how much better they can do and the simplest, fastest and lowest risk way of doing this based on his expertise in Theory of Constraints (TOC) and unlocking real value from technology.Chris has worked with leading companies around the world such as SAP, PWC, Cargill, Diageo, and many others as an expert in achieving dramatic bottom-line improvement and value from IT investments

Educated in London and Cambridge (UK) he has worked all over the globe delivering his knowledge, insights and skills towards many types of organizations, both large and small, public and private.  He is now proud and privileged to be responsible for bringing Goldratt Research Labs profound knowledge and insights to the Asia-Pacific region through GRL Applied Insights Asia.


Date: January 23, 2019*

Time: 09.00 - 17.00 WIB (registration 08.30)

* If the number of participant is less than 10, the training will be held at BDO meeting room (Prudential Tower fl. 16/17
Venue: Hotel AYana MidPlaza



Normal Price: Rp6.000.000

Early Bird: Rp5.000.000 (before January 16, 2019)

Company Group: Rp4.000.000 (For 3 persons or more)


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