• Building a Financial Model using Microsoft Excel - Using 2 Study Cases

Building a Financial Model using Microsoft Excel - Using 2 Study Cases

Date: 03 October 2017
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Reini Hastuti
  • Summary

Financial models play an important part in decision making process. Therefore, an analyst need to come up with a financial models which are easy to follow and understand for all stakeholders who are involved. This class will teach the participants on how to build financial models using Ms Excel.

The approach used in facilitating the financial modeling are different from others. The training is organized around case stu dies which provides supporting platforms for the participants’ learning.

“This is not an Excel class, but a corporate finance class with the emphasis on the building a Financial Model using Ms Excel blended with concepts”.


Things you will bring to your job after attending this training class:
•    Building Cash Flow Available for Debt Service (CFADS) and Cash Waterfall
•    Understanding Debt Service Coverage Ratio and Interest Roll-up
•    Using target debt service and target debt to pay
•    Understanding EBITDA
•    Using Flags in Financial Model
•    Understanding Internal rate of return (IRR and XIRR functions)
•    Modeling investing money in a growth capital
•    Sources and Uses of Funds
•    Investor Exit Assumptions
•    Exit Waterfall
•    Exit IRR and Money multiple

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